How BEN is beating the system


Hello everyone,
If you are interested in more information and statistics on the bot system I built for a government organization, check out the TARS article about it!


Great work on BEN @Levi
One of the most amazing Bots i have seen in all of the Bot Space. and I have been working in this space for the past 2 years. So that says a lot.

The best part is that this Bot is actually having a Big Impact on how the Motor Vehicle Devision provides it’s services to Citizens. The article dives deep about that. Truly a Pioneer in Govt. Sector Bot Space.

Looking forward for more such amazing work.


Thanks! I look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is thought possible every step of the way! Thanks for all the work you are doing on TARS to make it all possible @vinit


Hi Levi,
I am confused.
Did you create this bot? because on your website you say the below
Disclaimer: ServiceBotz did not consult, was not hired, and did not create MVD’s bot system. This bot system remains the property of the DOJ and MVD. This is only an example as a use-case and not claimed as property, intellectual or otherwise, by ServiceBotz.”


I did, but I built it as an employee of MVD (which I still am). Servicebotz didn’t exist when BEN & CAMI were created. Rather Servicebotz was built as an idea to bring this type of service to government, institutions, and big business because of my work on the MVD bot system.

For the sake of legal reasons, I felt it necessary to post that disclaimer and never claim the bot system as a property of Servicebotz, but rather I’m marketing my experience of creating the system. At least until we can create some systems for other government entities, to legitimately claim as our own product.

I’m the only person that knows the BEN system. So Servicebotz is selling the experience/knowledge of the process, but not claiming the product as our own.

Basically, it’s so I don’t get sued :joy:


Wow! Levi,
Great story. Thanks to TARS you are Boss from employee.


Even California Secretary of State has a bot now -

Government agencies finally realising the value of bots is it?!


Beat us to it! If everything goes well, we will have a TARS bot to rival (and then some) their bot! It’s funny that I just had a reviewer say our bot system should be in California. I guess the folks in California government still don’t know about TARS… They soon will :wink:


Levi’s Chatbot System made for Montana State has been featured in StateScoop :slight_smile: Check it out guys


One more!


Levi is on a roll :slight_smile:


Thanks! This one had a couple residual contacts pop up over it. Certainly have talked to a lot of people about chatbots lately :thinking:


Great job Levi… BEN is amazing.