How to change "Hi there, talk to me!"?

Since two weeks(?) visitors get a messaga from the tarsbot “Hi there, talk to me” automatically. Since it is about a Dutch website ( this is strange behaviour. First because the message is in English (while the language settings of the bot is Dutch) en secondly because this totally doe not fit in our culture to jump in asking for attention “Hi there, talk to me!” - This makes the bot at the moment contraproductive. So how to change this behaviour and how to change the text?
Hope for answer.

Hi @dewebmeester,

Thanks for this question.

You are referring to the Call Out message next to the CTA button for Bot widget. This is new update that we have pushed some 48 hours ago. This Call Out message have become visible after that.

This is an update that we pushed after analyzing past data, and it is part of the process which we are focusing on right now. That is to optimize/increase the number of conversation between the Bot and the end user.

We have pushed this update to start shipping in this area, and will be pushing another update very soon (in the coming week), which will allow you to customize this message (in your own language). Thanks for your patience.

Since the time we released this feature, we are getting initial response from some of the Bot makers about improvment in conversions and leads that they are getting. This is very encouraging and we want to see what impact this will have over the next few weeks.


I like it a lot. We were just discussing adding some type of call out to the widget on the website for MVD. Looks like we do not have to anymore!

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Please allow us to disable this call out. I have the same language issue and I would like to have the control over this kind of interaction. Thanks.

Hey Guys,

We pushed an update, and now you can change the call out message for your Bot widget.
Check this help doc to see how:

Let us know what you think about this feature, and how can we improve it.

PS: You may have to clear your browser cache to see the new update

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Is there a way to disable the call out?

No, you can only customize the message,
Note that the call out message is no more shown to the user, once the user has opened the Bot Widget.

Yes, this is functional. Thanks for the quick update.

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Thanks @dewebmeester,

Pushed another update, which lets you pick a Robot (out of 10), for your Bot widget Button.
Check it out by clicking on the Robot image, in the distribute section.

Help doc will be updated soon, but it is very easy to just pick another robot ad Save Widget.

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