How to let user end the chat earlier?

Hi, I have built a bot that guides the user for different support areas, and it sometimes can go a long way.
I ask for the email address in one of the last steps.
I get the email about new chatbot fill once it’s finished - but is it possible to let users jump to particular gambit (the last one with email field) from any step?

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Hey @Tomas,

It is possible to connect the last gambit (the one with the black outgoing socket), to some other gambit and the conversation will keep on continuing. Make sure that you don’t put anything in the redirection URL.

Although the point of ending the conversation is so that the you can move the user to some other page.

You could try putting the data capture gambits before the support questions start. “What’s your e-mail? in case we get disconnected” - for example.

I use a Name gambit at the beginning so I can refer to them by name later on, but e-mail, phone, etc I use at the end. It seems to work better for my case.

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Sorry, this is out of topic, but just want to share that because of this topic, I just realized a flaw in my lead capturing process.

I placed the gambits that ask for name, email & mobile at the very end. I was thinking: if the leads are really serious, they’ll finish the conversation.

Now, because of @Will 's answer, I might just have to put them in the very beginning. This way, if they leave the conversation mid-way, my team can still do a little follow up to see what went wrong or why they left.


@Will Good point Will.
I think a good way to think about this is to ask the user for their information as early as possible, but not before giving them some value at first which they care about, and try to get them invested in the conversation.

Although you can ask the user for their information at the beginning, but since they don’t know what they will get in return of giving this information, they might drop the conversation right there. But if you give them a teaser, give them some value, maybe as simple as a funny gif, and tell them what the bot does, they are more likely to give you their info, just to see what comes next.

Of Course where and how you should ask for user’s info will depend a lot on industry, demographic, culture etc… But i think it is a good way to think about it. I think this topic of lead generation conversation optimization has many facets.


In my chat bot army I offer an opportunity to end the conversation whenever it seems logical. So if a user is in a main menu where they can preform multiple actions (like click an externally linked button to view a webpage), they may want to preform another action or be finished with the chat bot. In this case I loop all external button links back on themselves in the gambit and offer the user an option to end the convo. If they choose this option, I direct them through the rating, name collection, etc. to generate the TARS report. In my main chat bot, I probably have over 50 ways to end the conversation. Some happen with the logical flow of different services, others allow the user to choose when they are done.

It really only matters though if you really need that report generated. If you are less concerned with that and more with just making your customer’s experience a good one, I wouldn’t put as much time and thought into it. I can think of cases where I may not want the report (habit tracking be damned! :joy:).

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Yes, in Lead/Gen you would want that info as fast as possible for sure. I believe the main reason to ask for info at the end of a bot is if you offer links to launch the bot at specific gambits throughout. That way the user’s info is collected no matter where they start. I do this with one of my bots, so I collect info at the end (but it is not lead/gen).

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hey @vinit ah, I did not think about doing another ending point, will check it, thanks!

thanks @Will, indeed that seems to be more logical to ask for those data in the beginning, I like the idea of the text you suggested


yeah, same here @RealEstateBotMaker, btw checked your bot and it looks great, congrats!

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Thanks, @Levi that gave me few new ideas about reorganizing my bot, I was stuck with the thought that there has to be one ending point, but there can be more indeed eye opener! Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


Hi @Tomas thanks! Wasn’t able to rearrange my gambit yet lol
may we also see your bot?

yeah ,I have not yet found time to change mine, but I have ideas now to move forward :slight_smile:
You can find my bot in the bottom right here: (blue robot icon)

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Tried it out. Pretty nice. Makes me want to do a support bot for my brokerage. Thanks @Tomas!

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What if you had a gambit that said, “Hey! In case we get disconnected, would you please share your email address? We’ll also send you _____ as a thank you.”

Then, make it an optional input, and allow the conversation to continue to the end pitch/ask.


I like that, thanks will totally use…

Sorry for reopening old topic, but are there new abilities to ending the chat?
For example I have an exercise from ~50 gambits and I don’t want to redirect user to the first gambit, loop it on the last gambit or redirect to the external page.
Can the bot close the chat window, for example, or show some thanks message and disable user input?

Having an auto-close feature has been brought up. Whether or not we will see that is unknown at this time. However, you always have the option of turning a gambit into an auto-redirect which ends the chat conversation and disables user input. If you do not add a URL to redirect the page to, the chat simply ends at that point. Users will have to close the widget or the tab depending on how the bot is being used.

You can type your own thanks message in the bot (add an image or GIF to make it standout more) and you should be good to go. I think the only update we need in this realm would be some type of auto-close either triggered by the user or set in a timer to trigger.


Currently when you end the conversation in the bot (check this: then the user input is disabled and you can add your own custom thank you message. If you want you can also redirect the user to a different page.

In the context of the bot widget, I think we can add an extra option in the end conversation input type, to close the bot widget window, if the bot is being used as a widget.

Having that feature, will that achieve what you want to do?

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Thank you,

its almost (95%) what I want and

an extra option in the end conversation input type, to close the bot widget window, if the bot is being used as a widget

will exactly what I need.

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