How to make interactive articles?

Is there a way to make TARbot Logic activate based on page scroll to make interactive articles/pages?

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Hey @BlazerStarz,

This looks like an interesting way to embed conversations within an article. I think this is done one-off in this Typeform blog entry to emphasize a point, but doing this for a general article feels quite interruptive.

One thing that we thought about building as a feature, was to activate the bot widget on a page, if the bot has not been opened and the user has scrolled to a certain point in the page. Like if the user goes to the pricing section of your page, the bot widget can open up and can ask the user about their queries or something.

I am curious to know what others think of such a feature in Bot widget

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I agree with all you have said. I actually started feeling the bot on the Typeform page was bugging me and then it became annoying. Therefore, your idea is much classier. I have a feeling he was simply having fun with it. BTW - I love this community system you have added. Get’s my attention in a respectable way.

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I love this statement :slight_smile:

“Get’s my attention in a respectable way”

We are in the middle of an attention economy and can’t seem to manage our own attention.

I think it can be useful. Unbounce does this with overlays almost obsessively. They claim it ups conversions, but to do it right, you would need to disable the feature for recently returning users. Also, if you can target the bot launch based off of other parameters like where a user has come from launches the bot from a specific startgid, this would be great for offering coupon codes/discounts, targeted products, etc. For example if the user clicked on a link from Facebook in a Servicebotz post to come to our website, we could set the parameters to pop up a special discount for Facebook bot builds.

I think TARS could easily up the game on this technique because your “overlay” would be an interactive bot.

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