how to reference or attach image upload?

Hi everyone, how can we reference and send image attachments in an email that we ask users to upload or take photo in our bots? Or do we add a link to the email to download from TARS? Searched here and the help center and didn’t find anything. Found the JSON code (sort of) from Sendgrid but asks for base64 code.


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Hi @tripros,

You can refer to the URL of the Image/file uploaded by the user using this data reference:


where image_gambit is the name of the gambit on which you are collecting the image/file from the user.

You can use this to URL directly in your email template that you are sending to your users, for them to download the image. File attachments is slow and have tons of issues in terms of firewall blocking them etc…
So having a download link in your email is much reliable way.

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Thanks very much Vinit, works perfectly! This is brilliant, didn’t know it would work so easily and this has so many applications. Grateful for this feature. Thanks again!

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