image size in chatbots


Hello everyone, I’m having trouble with sizing of images that I’m adding to chatbots. Regardless of the size of the original image, they always are stretched out to a larger size. The smaller I make the image, the more it stretches out. I have searched through the community here and wasn’t able to find anything related and submitted a request to support and was never replied. Is there a standard size for images? Can we control the image size? Sometimes the images are way too big for the content and takes up much too much space in the conversation, especially when on mobile. Thanks for any feedback!


Hi @tripros,

I have just pushed an update in the CSS which will resolve the issue of stretching a small image to fill the whole bubbles size. Now if the image width is lesser than the bubble width, then the image will remain in it’s original size. Which makes sense. But if the image width is greater than the bubble width, then it will be adjusted so that the image width becomes equal to bubble width, without affecting the aspect ratio of the image.

I think this default setting is the most appropriate one and will allow any kind of customization based on image width size.


Thanks very much Vinit! Agree, think this new default setting makes sense and will allow more flexibility with the image sizes in the chatbots. Thanks again for your help!