Interactive way to integrate machine language to the websites/blogs

I believe that there should be any interactive way to integrate machine language (whatever TARS uses to integrate) to the website(s)/blog(s) since many of the start ups might feel bit problematic as they would not have fund for recruiting machine language developers or be able to recruit because of their unavailability.

The interactive way can be in the form of step by step explanation along with the pictures/images or videos.

Suggestions are advices are always appreciated!


Hi @dtnbhanuvijay,

We do have a set of step-by-step guides (with screenshots) for adding the code snippet fo bot widget on your site.
Check this article:

The article itself explains how to do this for any custom website.
At the end of the article there are links to other guides for specific sites like:

WordPress site
Shopify Store
Squarespace site
BigCommerce Store
Wix site
Magento Store

Give it a shot. If you still have trouble adding the code snippet on your site, just ping us on the live chat on our site and we can help.