Is anyone for hire?

I am getting close to selling my first bot. Tars in very user friendly and I am able to build demos with no problem. I love the platform! Since my job is primarily sales, I don’t have time to build out a whole project. (nor the patience LOL) I am looking to see if anyone here is interested in being my bot developer? I’m looking to start talking now so I have an idea of how much $ I’ll need to build into the proposal.


I’m starting into a bot building venture with my business partner called ServiceBotz. We might be able to develop bots for you :slight_smile:


I would certainly be interested in talking Levi. Can you send me an email?


Will do! In the meantime you can take a look at a bot system we developed that is roughly 400+ gambits for a government entity. Though you will unlikely see all the features we built in, it spans most of the available features with plans to expand. This is the main menu bot that is linked to 30 other bots in various ways to complete a multitude of tasks. The main bots are broken up primarily because they were too big to run under one bot currently. Enjoy!


I would be interested as well


If anyone else is curious on this subject, check out our website We offer live developer sessions, and the first one is on the house!

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aand so we get to the import/export bot template feature…
any insights on this, @ish?

Hey Dan! Didn’t quite understand that, what do you mean?

Lets day i develop a Tars bot and would like to give it to another Tars member. I should be able to export it and my client should be able to import it in his/hers account.

This is currently not possible.

But this is what we might enable in future - you can make your bot’s chat flow public so that it can be used a template by other bot makers in Tars bot marketplace

This way your clients can just copy this bot template into their own account.

@ish - sounds great but for Tars bot developers is needed a private solution of delivery. maybe a password protection for the template to be used ? your solution, if i understand correctly, allows anyone to use that particular bot template.

Hmmm… I’ve thought about this as well. I just settled on offering large bot systems would require a custom touch no matter what. As bot developers, we would save a lot of time with the small projects (and in turn money) by replicating the bot as a template and then customizing specifics to each client. We decided the ability and market just wasn’t there yet for the small stuff. A set up fee should cover your extra effort though. If they want a simple bot, you will have to create it, but could reference a current bot to build the structure out quick then customize per client. I’d think $200 start up would be more than enough for a decent bot. Say $99 for the really simple bots. That’s why we offer “live developer sessions” on our website. Start with a simple construction in a 15-30 minute meeting. Decide if they would like to book the service from there. We have a structure developed and a rough outline of what they want if they say yes. Just my two cents!

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