Is there any way to shorten loading time ...?

Is there any way to shorten loading time …? It’s taking too long to load (More than 3 seconds and up to 5 seconds) Is it normal? Thank you!


Yes… same here… load over 5 sec :frowning:

I believe best practices is to only prompt the user with one short text bubble (no image) to ensure shortest load time. However, I wonder if the call is going to AWS yet or not (they were planning on a migration some point soon). I would imagine AWS would speed the process up for everyone.

Hi @cdesimony,

Thanks for reporting this. We are constantly working to make the performance of the ChatBot better and faster. We are actually working on an update which will be a good boost in that direction. Will keep you guys updated on this.

I am having a similar issue, I removed the image from my bot but it still does not load (does not load at all).
Any suggestions?

Hey @sponge2,

Looks like you have not deployed the Bot at all. That’s why it is showing the loading sign continuously. Drop us a line on the live chat and we can check.

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Thanks a lot Vinit, appreciate your help.
This is my first bot and I was so excited to share it that I didn’t realize that I had to deploy it.

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Hello @vinit

Do you have any news about this update? In our case the loading time is up to 7 seconds, it’s too long. Load time is a huge conversion factor. Thanks!

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Hey! We had released a number of updates around it and the bots load really fast right now.

Have added the bot on your site? Please share the link and I’d love to check out what’s happening.

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