Landing Page Teardown #1: LASIK eye surgery

This past week, we created our first ever landing page tear down

In it we take a look at the Google Ads landing page of LASIK eye surgery providers, suggest ways in which we could optimize it for conversions using conversational landing pages. Check it out over here:

We want to turn this type of content into a recurring series, where we tear down a landing page from a different industry each week (our plan for next week, for example is Accident Lawyer landing pages), so that our loyal community (you guys) can get a peek behind the scenes to see what we do on a daily basis.

Let us know below :point_down: what you think about this idea and please give us some feedback on the content itself (for e.g. the audio quality in this week’s video is definitely something we can improve on)


A landing page with a menu? :face_vomiting: WOW… that’s a terrible landing page in just about every way. It was hard to look at in the video. The bounce rate must be atrocious.

Also, even though it’s a terrible landing page, I’d be curious to know how much time they spent on that (did they pay someone for that?!?). The bot on the other hand, takes a fraction of the time to build, and it’s simplicity leads to way more conversions. Cool video!

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