Launch bot in widget with outside link

We have the option to launch the bot internally on a webpage in the widget using #tarsbot in a link.

Is there a way we can add this functionality when an external link directs the user to a webpage to launch the bot in widget automatically (from a specific point) first? The idea being you can sales funnel clients and continue that sale in the bot, but if they close it down, they are still on your website, so you may convert them again. Thoughts?

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@Levi Do you mean, if the user visits a certain page, then if there is a bot widget on that page, then it opens up by itself, without the user having to click on the bot widget button.

And you want this option to be configurable in real time. like if you pass a certain URL param in the URL of the webpage, only then this happens, otherwiser no.

Is that what you mean?

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Basically yes, that was the client’s request. The only way I can imagine it is some type of URL parameter that auto launches a bot. It would need to work with startgid though as the idea would be to drop the user into a specified sales funnel based on where they came from.

Got it.

Auto Open the bot widget based on a URL param in the parent page
This feature is currently not there, but won’t be very difficult to make it.

Will make this.

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On this thread (kind of) is it possible to refresh a bot within the widget? This may be too personalized, but I’ve found that when testing calculators that are designed to be as efficient as possible in gambit usage and overall size, If someone recalculates based off of different parameters, previous entries may supersede the user’s new selections. I couldn’t quite nail down why this was happening, so my solution was to just refresh the conversation and let them start over. This is problematic for numerous reasons. I’m going to retest this with my new calculator I built and see if this is still an issue, but I wanted to document it here while I was thinking about it. It may be a non-issue since I discovered this a couple months ago. It could have been a mistake on my end. Stand by for further updates.

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