Launch bot upon facebook post comment

Is it possible in Tars to create a FB Messenger bot that is launched when someone comments on a FB post? I saw another bot provider company that has a feature called “Comment Trigger”. It works likes this:

  1. Someone comments on a post in your FB page feed.
  2. That opens the FB Messenger bot
  3. The bot’s dialogue continues as normal

Is this possible with Tars?


This is not possible in the product

Are there plans to implement this feature. I think it is a very powerful tool, and I’ve seen some very big marketers using it.

Alternatively, is there a way for the bot to activate on it’s own in Facebook Messenger without the user clicking on anything. I think I’ve been on FB pages before where the messenger just opens and the bot starts talking to me without me having to do anything to initiate it. Is this possible with Tars?