Limit load for gambits?



@vinit I’m running into a gambit limit (sort of) on my bot. After 200 gambits the dashboard takes 20 to 30 seconds to load after every change I make on a gambit. As a temporary fix, I have split my bot into sub bots, but this proves problematic for a couple reasons. First, it negates the effectiveness of the widget on the website as our bot navigates the user through a complicated website while simultaneously handling services related duties as well. Unfortunately, we now are forced to bounce the user around through the URL redirects to different (but the same in theory) bots.

Also, for groups that are looking to resale this tech and build bots for clients (where white-labeling is concerned aka unbranding) this causes a significant cost increase to the clientele/us when the bots get complicated. Is there anyway to fix this issue?


@Levi this is happening because with 200 gambits, there is a lot of data on one page which makes it heavy to load but this is no way affects how the bot works on your website. It will load at the same speed and work perfectly.

Having said that, we are in process of fixing the architecture so that it doesn’t take any time in your backend as well - so you will have a better experience in future.


Gotcha, I understand that Vince has also discussed this with you. I’ll try and coordinate better in the future with these questions.


Sure, that would be helpful.


@vinit and @ish not sure what you guys did, but my giant bot is running as fast on the backend as a 10 gambit bot. Thanks for whatever you did to speed it up! Now I can continue building on that bot again! :smile:


Yeah, we pushed an update for that few days back. This update will make saving any gambit much faster and working with really big bots a lot easier. Glad to see that you noticed this update :smile: