Making the last Gambit added the 1st one

Hi there!

I decided to add one new first step into an already deployed bot.

For that, I created a gambit (No. 24) and I will like to be the main trigger. I already changed the connections but it still triggers from Gambit No. 1. Is this possible to change?


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Hi @alfredo.del.arenal,

The Bot always starts with 1st Gambit.
i.eā€¦ Gambit No. 1 with the Black Socket on top.
Everything else can be changed, but to keep things simple from extra configuration, the bot is made to always start from gambit No. 1

If you want to have a different messages and input type at the start of the conversation, I would recommend to change the content of the 1st gambit itself and connect it to other accordingly.

Thank you for your reply @vinit !
Makes sense, will do that then.
Good weekend,