My 1st MVB (minimum viable bot)

Hi guys,

I’ve invested the last hours creating a bot to post on a WordPress installation.

Initially I tried to use restapi to send everything directly to WP but couldn’t figure out how to send custom fields so I decided to send to fieldbook first and then to WP.

Fieldbook is a spreadsheet saas like airtable.

It is a simple app where users add info and location in the bot and then the API sends data to fieldbook, and finally wpallimport gets that data and imports it to WordPress posts every 15 mins.

If you want to test it, please visit the following temporary links:

Bot page: Https://
Map page with locations: Https://

Happy boting!


thanks for sharing this! This is a great example of what all you can do with the API integration feature :slight_smile:

Also love how you are using the bot directly as the landing page itself.

Hey @ajcalmeida,

Love the map based data representation for incoming submissions.
Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

This would be a great feature to slip in with a lead gen or subscription service as well to simply track locations of hits for big businesses. I wonder then if we could get really fancy and generate a bot response depending on where the user is located to use particular regional speech markers to customize the language for the area, or push deals in those specific areas. Like a global ad service that pushes local updates to regions where those goods are available.

TARS bot platform is designed in a way so that it has the potential to do those things in the future :slight_smile:

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Hi @ajcalmeida,
Nice bot and integration Antonio.
How do you send data from your tars bot to Fieldbook? Do you need Zapier for it too?
I would like to send data from my bot to Fieldbook too :grinning:
I read @ish’s article on how to send data to Google Sheets using Zapier on Medium.

Hello @sponge2,
I used FieldBook API to post bot data to fieldbook.
It is very simple.

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