New Registration Fee Calculator V1



Just wanted to show off my work on this insane fee calculator. It has roughly 48 API call gambits to handle the complex nature of the fees and percentages. Many, many, of the connection shown below are conditional jump logic filtering everything from MSRP on a vehicle and vehicle type/year to counties and specialty fees triggered in specific instances.

To handle IE’s issue with rounding uvals, I built extra columns and rows in a google sheet (which I have to refer to for depreciation percentages based on vehicle age), and it pulls those extra data points in my GET API call to the sheet. Then I reference that call in my calculation APIs instead of a uval.

There are some rounding issues causing a variance of $.99 to .01 or a repeating decimal to display instead of currency format that I am still working on, but overall this thing is massive while still being quick and easy to the end user. The power of this calculator as a user driven tool is off the charts!

EDIT: Do not select the registration renewal option at the beginning, this only hands off the user to an online app to renew registration of existing vehicles in the Montana system. For checking out this tool, you must select “Continue”.
Give it a try at

Note: Just enter any value on MSRP. If you go above $150,000, a specialty fee is triggered leading to a hefty fee added to the total (I’m cancelling my order for a Ferrari as we speak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Let me know what you think!

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Hey @Levi,

This is an insanely detailed Bot.
Amazing work :clap: :clap:

Seeing this I can’t help but ask you on ways which would have made the bot simpler to make.

Like currently all the maths calculations needs to be done using an external API, instead of that, doing all those calculations in the Bot itself makes a lot sense. Since maths calculations is a very common use-case.
I plan to build this feature, where you can do all maths calculations without having to make an external API call.

Other than this, let me know how else this process could have been made simpler.

I hope you understand that we cannot build all the specific features required to build one kind of chatbots. But we can definitely work on the features which makes sense from the point of view a generic chatbot and align with our own vision for the product.

Thanks again for sharing this bot with us and insipiring the community. :smiley:


Yeah, absolutely! My only major gripe with math.js is getting things to format right, which would easily be solved with an internal currency calculator. When I first started this calculator, it would of had many more gambits than it does now. Part of my process was to continually simplify the steps while still delivering the solution. Other than an internal calculator, I don’t think there is much more than could cut down on this.

Conditional Jump Logic was huge in simplifying this whole process! Much of my condensing was accomplished with that incredibly powerful tool. It took a couple weeks of focused trail and error to get it to where it is now, but it was so worth it.

Considering the complex nature of all the factors, I think TARS was the perfect tool to make this feature a reality. My next challenge is to make a connection with an API that our internal system uses to automatically generate the user’s MSRP by selecting make, model, year, and features all worked through data iterations and API calls. This will make the calculator exact on the total (it comes in XML, hence the request for a tutorial handling that format).

This is definitely my most challenging (but favorite) feature builds thus far!


Great :smile:
Will try to build an internal calculator soon.