Number validator should allow $ and . or there should be a separate currency validator


What is the work around for this?


A work around for this would be using a normal text option without any validations. Number validator basically shows only the numeric keypad to the user and doesn’t allow $ or any other special character.


Come on guys, you need to fix this. That’s nonsense to not have a working currency validator in a product that’s been in development this long. There are thousands of use cases where you want to display the numeric keyboard to mobile users by default but what you want to collect is actually a dollar (or Euro or GBP or whatever) figure. That means . , $ need to not break the validation. This is common sense.

We need a real work around, not an excuse.


Sure we will add it in our roadmap if more customers ask for it. All of our feature additions are done when there are a good number of customers asking for it.

Currently we don’t have anyone else asking for it.


Probably because they’re giving up frustrated they don’t find this ridiculously obvious common sense feature. No currency support? You have to be joking.


Naah… not joking.
If we were joking, you would know.
We are pretty good at it.


Well, thank god, at least you are good at something! Perhaps you should consider a career change!


Congrats! This community has been going for almost a year and you are the first person to be rude and counterproductive!
Perhaps you should create your own chatbot builder!

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