Option to add tracking for Brave Creators and other services

Currently, all of my sites and social are under my Brave Creator account. I would like to add my bots so that I may receive tips in BAT as well as promote the use of bat.

In the configure section along with Google Analytics, I would like to add my Brave Verification code.


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Hi Steph,
Can you give a little more context to Brave Creator? I haven’t heard of it before.

Brave is a privacy forward browser that rewards users for accepting ads. BAT, Basic Attention Token is the reward. All of my sites and social are listed as Brave Creator Sites si I can accept tips. From my browser, I send tips to people for code, funny memes, art just about anything. I also have a few sites that I auto-contribute monthly because I want to support them

IF I can add the bots to my creator sites, I can then receive tips for the real estate information I provide. :slight_smile:

brave.com/mrg712 <----great for Tars to get referrals. :wink:

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