Privacy / GDPR issues


do you plan on adding GDPR compliance? This is crucial when dealing with visitors from the EU.

The most important step would be to give us the option to disable the logging of the IP-Address because for the vast majority of bots recording the IP makes no sense anyway. The collection of personal data (IP addresses are considered personal data under EU law) without any reason is against the GDPR.

Also, under the GDPR it will be a mandatory requirement to have data processing contracts in place between data controllers and data processors in respect of any personal data processing activities.

Companies/products like Mailchimp, Leadfeeder or google Analytics offer this kind of contract.

Are there any plans on your end regarding these issues?



Hi @joko,

Thanks for question.
GDPR is something we are currently looking and understanding and how we can employ it in our product and for the business processes of our customers.

We plan to work along with these compliances and offer services related to it in the future.

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That’s great news, Vinit!
GDPR will come into effect on May 25, 2018. Do you think TARS can be compliant already by then?

Keep doing the great work you are doing!


We will do our best :slight_smile:

is there anything new regarding:

  • Disabling the logging of IP-addresses
  • Data processing contract

I stopped using my nice TARS bots for a while now (since May 25th) and i would really like to reactivate them - but i don’t think I’m allowed to collect EU-Users IP-Addresses without opt-in and without having a contract with you.

Will there be a solution in the near future?

Thanks so much for your great work,

Hey @day7,

I want you to start using your nice Tars Chatbot again.
Let me do one thing. Let me make a feature using which can control whether the IP Address should be logged for your bots or not, within the Dashboard itself, with a simple configuration.

As for the DPA, I think this needs to be done on a per account basis, and might require a resource from our end to build the contract. We have to see how this can be delivered with minimal cost.

PM us about this