[Product Update] Icon Picker

About a week ago we released the Icon Picker feature to the Tars builder.

As far as product updates go, it seemed at the time like a relatively minor one. Adding icons to buttons is definitely a neat feature to have but it isn’t something game changing like a new input UI or Conditional Branching. Then we started using it ourselves, and found out how wrong we were.

Tars has been around for a little over three years now and perhaps this is irrational, but I haven’t loved a new feature in the builder quite as much as I love the icon picker.

I’ve made a couple of bots that use this feature, and I’ve found the use of visual cues in the button UI to be game-changing. Even though the text which is normally there on each button is relatively short, nothing quite beats a small little image that tells you what you are clicking on.

I genuinely feel that this update has tremendous potential to improve the conversational experiences being built on the Tars platform.

I’d love to hear what the rest of you guys think. Am I being over-dramatic? Or is this a cool update?

(BTW if you missed our email and have no idea what the icon picker is, check this article out: https://hellotars.com/blog/tars-product-update-icon-picker/)


This is my new most favourite feature now.
This gives so much more personality and character to the conversation, and make it more fun.

Also, because of a bunch of options to select Icons, it makes you really think about the options that you are giving to the user in the first place. Subtle but important.

Shoutout to @Emmanual to release this feature so quickly.


Yes! This one is great. I just implemented the icon update on the REAL ID bot in the opening menu. I think it is a great touch for chatbots built in the government space. Often, people are unsure of what the button may actually lead them too especially in menus that require some governmenteese language when presenting options. The icon acts as the bridge between the users understanding and the gov agencies communication of services.


Definitely, it fills in that knowledge and action gap and gives a much needed visual cue and connection between what is written and what it will do when selected.

I feel we can look for more such opportunities in the product, where these gaps exist and try to think of ways to fill them. @Levi any other such gaps comes to mind?

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