[Product Update] - New Data View

Hey everyone!

So you know the Tars Data Section right? The place where you can see all the conversations people have had with your bot. It looks kinda like this from the outside :

And it had a bunch of options under the hood. Quite a lot of them.

Not anymore!

What is the change?

The UX is a whole lot simpler now. No need to click between Full and Partial Data (who even knows what that means). Just one “View button” which reveals all the interactions your bot has had.

Simple right!

You can still view the partial and full data separately. Just use the toggle buttons in the top right.

And yes, when you export this data to an excel sheet now — all of it will be at one place.

So what do you think about this update? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Does it make no sense to you?

Would love to know.


That “Coming soon” Analyze though! Exciting!

Nice update on the data view. Keeps it clean and simple.



Have you done any kind of analysis on the exported conversation data, as a spreadsheet?
If yes, then what kind of analysis?

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I wish! I don’t have the time to work the data, but I have exported the ratings and charted it on a graph to show how awesome the government bot is rated (We have over 500 5-star ratings, and most 1 stars can be attributed to things other than the bot like 3rd-party apps (We have roughly 70 1-stars)). Most of my “analysis” have been through spot checking random conversation reports and following up on every bad rating. Like I said, in most instances it is caused by a 3rd-party app that sucks (and I have to use them per contracts). More rare are the “I just want to type a question and get a response” people. I do have that featured on a bot, but since conditional jump logic locks up on IE (worked with Edge though so that’s promising), I’ve been forced to exclude it as an option to the main chatbot system because I must be as inclusive to users as possible. Otherwise I would have already implemented a keyword search into the bot.

Having analytics integrating into the bot will be a huge addition to understanding how users are interacting with it with a much more complete picture.


Nice. This sounds amazing.
Let me know the issue with Conditional Jump on IE on the live chat. Will get it fixed up.

Coming to analytics. If you were to do any kind of analysis on the conversation data, what will be the one most important insight would you like to know. e.g.

  1. Would you be more interested in knowing the percentage of people dropping off on each gambit.
  2. The average amount of time being spent by users on each gambit
  3. How well the Bot is performing compared to your earlier system



I think performance based analytics would be a great approach for bots. I would also like to see an overall length of engagement with the bot. Maybe not as important with the small bots, but excellent information on large bot system. This let’s us directly compare the speed and ease of access between bots and websites. Also, I would like to know the percentages that each gambit receives in traffic, and more granular when multiple choices are offered, the percentage each button gets picked.

I think our goal should always be clear, concise, and convert. Understanding how users interact on these granular levels will speak directly to our realization of those goals.

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Soooo… I was poking around in my TARS settings as I customarily do, and I found a redesigned configure area as well with gasp an area to insert a Google Analytics code (and Facebook Pixel as well). Are these features ready to be utilized? Or is this just in anticipation of the Analyze feature that is “coming soon”? Also I appreciate the Favicon and Meta image additions in there as well. You guys and your sneaky updates lol

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These are “ready to be used” features. Just that we haven’t sent an update mail around it yet.

Go ahead, add your GA and fb pixel code and you will be able to track all of it.


Leave it to me to let the cat out of the bag early :zipper_mouth_face: haha! connecting Google analytics right now!

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Haha… all released features ready to be used. We restructured the configure section to make it simpler by putting them in categories. Similar to distribute section.

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