Prompting users for subscription to newsletter/mailing list just got easier

Pulling a user to a newsletter or subscription list has always been an option for TARS (really one of the first functions as a form submission platform). And if you are looking to pull users to your subscription lists, then here is a couple simple techniques to use a bot to increase your conversions.

Before we get started, most people utilize overlays to grab site visitors into some type of conversion. Whether coupon codes, subscribing, pitching a sale, these popups can be wildly successful if placed in the correct spot at the correct time. We don’t necessarily have that functionality in TARS, but I would like to propose some feature updates to accomplish the same actions, but with an interactive interface. Mark my words, you will see chatbots in those overlays in a year or two… So why don’t we beat them to the punch?

The TARS bot works like a slide out overlay, and maybe with some tweaking on the TARS end, could function as a modal that pops up center screen over the webpage. Include advance feature “triggers” and magically we can start using the same type of tricks to dramatically increase conversions through the website. Check out these screen grabs from a “coming soon” page that I just stood up. Though somewhat limited in triggers (like an on-exit would be great to launch the bot for one last attempt at conversion), but it gets the job done in a clean and interactive manner.

Seeing this in action also makes me think that the ability to center text in the bot could be very helpful in instances like this, because I’m styling it like an overlay. The button and the bot both call to the conversion on this page, which is nice. Or if it were possible without bugging out the bot, it would be likewise beneficial to push the bot response area to full width of the bot background (having the same padding on the left as the right).

The backend (in this case) is using webhook to directly subscribe the user to a MailChimp mailing list. The user is automatically sent a Welcome! email from MailChimp that looks really clean and professional (seriously, they are awesome). And that’s it! Sit back and let the subscribers add up!


Hey Levi - this is definitely one of the great use cases of bots. Is there a live link where I can try this out? Want to check out the whole interaction end to end.

Now coming to your suggestion around having more ways of using Tars bots, we already have this as a part of the roadmap wherein we might give a variety of formats in which bots can be engaged with, like-

  • exit intent popup
  • welcome mat
  • time based bot trigger
  • site top bar (like hellobar)

This is what you were referring to right?


Yes, the only one I would add to that list is a scroll trigger, so when a user scrolls to (or by) a certain section, the bot will pop up with an offer or whatnot. I think this is done with overlays using a CSS ID or class to trigger the pop up (I’m still working out the kinks of that on a Convert Plus plugin for a website I built, but it is an option). I’ll ping you the address to the coming soon page. Unfortunately, I have to be very careful with the amount of traffic that subscribes as I’m on a no budget barrier (story of my life working on government stuff haha). Otherwise I would have posted the link for everyone to test out :frowning:

It would also be nice if we could plug icons into our bot conversation, though I suspect that you also have that on your roadmap, which would be great for denoting list items and other useful features. (I guess TARS already has a couple for pass, done, and submit that pull up in the conversations automatically, so I’m sure they are there).

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Is there a way to know your roadmap? And future features?

Thank you, Ish!

Hey @ish, was browsing for awesome bot functions to allow me to drop som of our old exit intent popup services and stumbled upon your post but I can’t find any other notes about it. Is it still on the future roadmap or is it already implemented?