Random jump branches

Hi, i love using hellotars because it’s very simple to use but i’m searching a way to make random jumps :wink:
when you have a long list of pictures to display for instance (each on a specific gambit ) how can we create a random jump condition to one branch ? thanks fo your help

Hi @ricobomb,

You want to jump to any gambit randomly?

yes exactly. I want to jump randomly to some gambits

Jumping between gambits is statically configured in the builder (with the blue connecting pipes) and is not dynamic at all. This is a deliberate design decision to keep the bot building process from getting too complicated.

I am really curious about your use-case for this. If you can explain it in a bit detail, I might be able to come up with a solution with the current system.

Feel free to PM me on the live chat on the site for further detailed discussion.

you can see a picture of the workflow i would like to create in the following link : https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Zhnf_q8Liuy5yOl8L0pwQORmaWdg0VS90trDaGYwi-Y/edit?usp=sharing

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