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Would be great to ask for a user name and then be able to say it back to them.

Me) What is your name?
Them) Bob
Me) welcome, Bob

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Hey Grant - this is already possible.

Check this help doc to see how you can do something similar

Thanks @ish

We have a very long 50 question gambit sequence and our labels are like:
“Q13. Strategy - Decision Making”

I have tried a lot of different variences of this to trigger the data referencing, eg,

  • {{ursp.Q13. Strategy - Decision Making}}
  • {{ursp.Q13-strategy-decision-making}}
  • {{ursp.Q13_strategy_decisionmaking}}

but the only one that seems to work is something like:

  • {{ursp.q13strategydecisionmaking}}

Are there any parameters that I might be missing to help with this?

Thank you

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Hi @Grant,

I just checked the naming with this notation: {{ursp.Q13_strategy_decisionmaking}}, and it is working.

It is better to avoid using spaces ( ), dots (.) and hyphens (-) in the name of the Gambits that you want to refer to later on in the conversation. You can use underscore (_) in those places.

We will be working in the future to remove these restrictions. I think atleast spaces and hyphens should be allowed.

Thanks @vinit - good to know.

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