Retrieve Data - from database

Is there a way where I can store the answers- a user have answered (Like a database or Google Sheets) and these answers are then retrieved by any other user? I know, using Zapier - I can transport the user data to a Google sheet but am wondering if the opposite data flow(Google sheets to chat bot) is possible?

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@KANIKA, This is possible using the API-Config section, and i have done this for a client. You basically have to call the Google Sheets API with an SQL like query for Google Sheets (GQL), which will return the desired data, which can be shown in the Bot.

I have to warn you, it is bit tricky to configure. But definitely possible.


Thank You! :slight_smile:

Can I use third party services like Zapier or Flow XO to achieve this feature? And if you can provide me with an outline on how to call Google Sheets API with GQL?