Robot Icon Variations?


There are a number of nice robot icons for TARS, but they are all “head shots.” Are there other images of these robots in other “sizes” (chest shot, full-body, profile, etc.) available?


Great suggestion @mantic Would also appreciate being able to use our own robot creations or characters. Thanks!


This is already possible using a extra snippet of code in the widget script. Super simple. This is in the help docs… will link when I find it. With that @mantic you can put any image, bot or not, in the widget.


@mblair, oh you can use your own, which is what I will probably do if TARS doesn’t have access to other images of their robot characters. See Changing the Bot Image in ChatBot Widget.


Hey @mantic,

Currently this is all we have for the robot images. We have plans to make more robot inspired images and make them avilable in an organized way to use in different places in the system.

For now, Feel free to use your own image in the Bot widgets.