Save Form Links and time out options.

I make bots that often require people to upload information. They have to go to other sites, download pdfs and get a result to add to the form.

I would like to have a setting where I can set a form to automatically send a “link to form.” Giving a client the options to edit, update or complete their form.
If email has not been requested during a time out, a pop-up asking if they want a link sent. I feel like that would help my conversions. I know people also hate starting over. Real estate and investment forms are pretty involved. I think people will need more time. Sometimes days.

Another reason this would be helpful for my process, the answers are sent to a spreadsheet that is linked to a dashboard. If they can update their info, that dashboard will also update. That link becomes a marketing tool for me to get quarterly updates from my clients.

Thank you!


Hi Steph,
This is actually on our product roadmap to be released before June.

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+100 I’m thrilled!
Thanks for telling me. I will design now for the future upgrade.