Send Captured Data From Tars To CRM or Email Marketing Software

Hey awesome people,

I’m loving Tars and using it a lot. I would love to maximize its capability but I only know how to use front end configuration of it. What I wanted to do is to send captured email from Tars to a CRM or email marketing software. I’m using ActiveCampaign. I’m also okay if we can only send the data to a GoogleDocs or csv file. I can manually upload it later in the CRM.

Appreciate all the feedback. Thank youuu!


Check out Zapier. I believe that would accomplish the task for you depending what software exactly you are trying to send it to.

Looks like ActiveCampaign is on the list

Next check out for a how-to integrate Zapier into your TARS bots.

Good luck!


Yes, Zapier can help you do that. I do it with several bots.