Sending data from my bot to Fieldbook without Zapier

Hi All,
I want to send me data from my bot to FieldBook ( sheet.
The Easy Way - Import CSV file from my bot to FieldBook.
My Way - I want every time a user add name, email etc. to my bot, I want it to populate the sheet I have created in FieldBook.
I have the API URL for my sheet e.g.
However, I can’t figure out where to input the Username/Password $KEY:$SECRET in my Gambit so that I can establish a connection.
I am getting a 405 Error when I send data from my Gambit using API config.
Can anyone please help?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @sponge2,

Username/Password etc… can either be put in the Data fields or in the Header fields of the API Call.


In your case, it looks like it needs to be put in the Header fields. Check the API Documentation of FieldBook to see where to put this.