Sneak peek into the New Analytics Section

Hey everyone -

We are working on the Tars Analytics Section right now and wanted to give you guys a quick sneak peek into what’s coming.

With these insights, we want you to :

  • know how many people are landing into your bot
  • how many start chatting with the bot
  • if you have defined a certain goal in the bot(like user has shared phone number), you can see how many users reached that stage
  • look at interaction and conversion rates

And you will be able to look at these data points over a time range to understand what you should improve over time.

The next version would be about :

  • showcasing where and how people drop off in the bot
  • what you should fix in your chatbot flow

This will be the very first version and keep evolving over time :slight_smile:


So excited for this!

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It looks good :smile: Thank you for sharing the sneak peek with the community.

Sharing some quick thoughts around this.

  1. I hope that user will be given an option to specify the time period for which the analytics need to be extracted. This is relevant because users will be able to specifically analyze starting from the go live date discarding the dev and testing chat logs.
  2. Can there be a graph to show how the interaction has increased over a period of time ? :sweat_smile: . I know its too much to ask for, but what we have seen so far is that the users plot the bot interaction & bot conversions to a graph to know of trends over a period of time.
  3. It will be more awesome if there is a meter for number of API calls made from a bot can be shown as well. Most of the third party api’s used are usually charged consumption wise, this will give user an idea of consumption of APIs for over a period of time.
  4. Also is it relevant to add ratings to be a part of the analyze section? because most often users extract chat logs and take averages to get the ratings submitted by customers for a period of time.

I would also propose things like including device types, adding geography details (and plotting it to a world map :expressionless: ), show time spent per gambit by the customer / number of hits per gambit (this helps user to identify unreachable branches/gambits in their flow).

These are just suggestions. Looking forward to your thoughts regarding this.


Hey Kiran - thanks a lot for these suggestions and I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Sharing my thoughts on these below -

  1. Yes there is going to be time range available in all the three sections - View Data, Export Data and Analyse Data. Something like Today, Last Week, Last 4 Weeks and a Custom Range of timeline.

  2. This is going to be there too but not in the first version. We are thinking of showing graphs for each parameter (visits, conversations and conversions) when you click on individual cards in the Analyse section.
    I totally agree that this will give bot makers a good sense of how the interaction and conversion rate has improved over time.

  3. This is something we haven’t really considered since no one had asked for it. Also this data should already be available in third party API dashboard that you are using. Not sure how it would help in making bot conversations better.

  4. Getting a sense of how the end users feel about the whole bot interaction is definitely a great pointer. We have actually been thinking about adding “an overall feedback gambit” in each bot(which can be configurable) - this way we would be able to easily analyse and showcase end user feedback on your bot. Doing it otherwise is a bit tough.

  5. Device type, geography, time spent on each gambit and overall conversation is already captured and we can possibly bring them into analysis section in future. Just that it would be too much data to digest when you are just starting to get a hang of the whole Analyse section.


Great that you have already thought of most of it :slight_smile:

The API Meter is helpful in tracking consumption, when we share the same API among multiple services (bots), the third party provider will only give the aggregate consumption from a domain ( . I understand it may not be relevant for most of the users, so can be ignored.

Looks good! Will we finally be able to see what page the person was on when they interacted with the bot using this tracking? If so, can we add it to the emailed chat response?

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Will do that in the next iteration. Something like, how many conversations and goals happened on a given page.
most conversational/goal achieving pages for the bot. etc…

As for showing the referrer/parent page of the bot, that is something needs to be shown in each submission/conversation and then in the email notif as well.
It’s just that is too much information. Maybe we can allow a configuration to set it.