Stop Auto Sending Partially Completed Conversations

Is there anyway to stop partially complete conversations from being emailed to you (where you are having conversations emailed)?

Just now it emails them with the message ‘This person has not completed the conversation with the Bot, and has been inactive for a few minutes.’

I’d like to basically stop it emailing me where this is the case - or where they didn’t get through all the steps in the conversation.

The use case is people trying to replace forms with Tars. We don’t really want to be sent incomplete forms, as that isn’t much use to us.


Well, that depends. If you capture the user’s email at the beginning of the bot interaction, you can still follow up with the person through email. Maybe your steps were confusing; maybe the user wanted something you didn’t offer in the bot; maybe they accidentally closed the browser. Depending on what you provide as a service, being able to still interact with these potential leads is a huge feature for many. I, however, have a bot system that guides users through a website and steps them through services using TARS. I only needed reports to my email when they completed a path for specific reasons. That and we are pulling in about 10,000 hits a month (that’s a lot of emails!). The TARS team deactivated this feature for me. If you ping them on intercom off of their website, I’m sure they could chat with you further.

I think this feature should be optional. i lost a client due to the partial filled lead forms.
a simple on/off switch in settings will do the trick.