Super large bots as landing pages?

I think this is interesting. I’m wondering how bots might be able to be used INSIDE a traditional landing page to create engagement an interactivity.


Using chatbots as a landing page in itself is definitely a great use case and I this is something you can do with Tars pretty easily. I made one demo landing page recently, check it out - I lost the domain name, so I have added the direct bot link here now.

Good part was that this took about 30 minutes to have the whole thing up and running and I didn’t have to worry about the UI or the design aspects. All I had to do was make an interesting conversation :slight_smile:


I think, though, that having different styling options/api/frames could allow a few bots with different styling to coexist on a more traditional pages style, allowing for interactive features…

Just saying.


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embedding a chat bot into your hero section of a landing page just makes sense. How fun would it be to have three different sections to a landing page and each one features an embedded bot? Take it to the next level by having each bot refer to the others above and/or below it. You could pull off a really slick trick using images (like a bot pointing down at the end of its purpose saying, “Now go check in with BOB down below to see how we can provide XXXX”). Talk about an interactive landing page!


Yeah, that is very cool, I like the idea that it is not framed and it looks like it is part of the full site. Can we get TARs to do this?

Very nice…

That is a great idea. I love the reference to other bots. smiles

Hey Bill

You can have it without the frame as well, just a small CSS change. So yes you can do something similar with Tars.


That’s awesome can you show us how?


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Waiting for the CSS trick…:sweat_smile:


This is something i"m still very interested in, as a specialized landing page for promotions, like the referral options I run through Viral-Loops, etc.

Hi Nookie, I saw you mentioned Viral Loops. Did you manage to make it work? I am currently struggling to find out if it is possible… and has come to a dead end. Any tips you might want to share will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay, Thomas. I was traveling to Thailand, then came back and got the flu.

I do have Viral-Loops working, and taking pre-registrations for me for the next release of my site. So, there’s that.

I found that their different campaigns often have big limitations to what can be done, so choose wisely.

Sounds great Ish, just what I need to do, any update on this? Cheers

Hey @ish. How do you do the CSS change to remove the bot from the frame?

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Hey @goldmanjordan,

Didn’t get you. Which frame you want to remove the bot from?

Hi @ish and @vinit:

At the top of this thread, someone posted this link -

It shows a chatbot on a page without the square / rectangular frame around the bot itself, so the text from the bot looked like a more natural part of the page and page background.

Ish responded that this was possible (to remove the square frame from a bot on a landing page), and then later said that to do this “You can have it without the frame as well, just a small CSS change. So yes you can do something similar with Tars.”

Three people followed up as a reply asking how to do the CSS change to enable this, but no answer. A few more people posted “That’s awesome can you show us how?”, “Waiting for the CSS trick…:sweat_smile:”, “Sounds great Ish, just what I need to do, any update on this? Cheers”, etc. - but no one ever told us how to do this or responded.

So yeah, basically, trying to have a page with a bot from TARS but where the bot isn;t in a frame, but is more blended in with the page itself like on

Can you share how to make that happen?

Also trying to figure out how to change the background photo of the full page itself - either as a full page photo, or to have that full page be a video or a gif that we choose like on

Would appreciate any ideas or help a lot!

Hey @goldmanjordan,

If you really want to try out the Bot without frame thing, then we can do it for your specific Bot. Also, since it is not a supported design, not all the elements will look great without it, and it might break in the future.

Alternatively you can set the same color for chat area and page background like here:

We do not allow arbitrary CSS customatization, as it can break the design layout. But if you want to have a transparent chat area so that an image background is visible through it, it needs to be done from our end. If you still want this change ping us on live chat.

Would be awesome if there was a way to have this be a standard feature option - I know a lot of people who were very excited about, would love to do something like that with Tars!


So, I’m playing with ideas, and I’m thinking that I want a help center in my site with a bot option embedded.

Since I have a white page, that should not be too difficult, as long as I could choose to have a transparent frame.

What steps would I take to make this happen for my FAQs/Customer Service/Contact Us bot page?


I’m also thinking a bot using Conditional Jump on my Dashboard page could make a good bulletin/notification system for people based on their join date.

Offer them a walk through of the site on their first day, etc.

A few days in, ask for feedback. So on.

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