TARS Video Webinar Suggestions

Hey Guys,

We want to do some video webinars around TARS. This will fall in two main categories:

  1. Around building the chatbots with the Builder tool and using features within the tool.
  2. Around using chatbots in different use-cases in your business processes and getting rich.

I want your suggestions on topics which we should do this. Which topic you want to know about?

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I’m in! I think you should intermix some basics with some advanced features. The explanation videos on API have been incredibly valuable, so I would personally like to see some of the other advanced feature use cases. I think it would be really cool to hold a couple bot workshops during a webinar where users work along in their own bots to build some type of feature… Sort of a hands-on approach :thinking:


Nice, yes I think a lot of advanced features can be explained in such sessions.

Hi guys, I just saw this for using Chatbot for the enterprise or business process similar to the following for HR.

The other is Machine learning and AI integration with Dialogflow.