TARS WP Plugin Different Bots/Start Points per Webpage

I was thinking about a upgrade to the WP Plugin that would provide a lot of value to the user. I’m not sure the exact lift this would take, but you could pick which bot was loaded on the widget per page (or for those packing a lot of features into one bot, the same bot but from a specific gambit), you could have customized bots depending on the page the user visits. There is a workaround to this concept by setting up the link in the webpage with #tarsbot, but I think this would provide a smoother experience in general, and allow us to target users to a specific goal on the webpage itself better.


I agree.
I think a lot of useful features can be added in the wordpress plugin for TARS, to customize the behaviour of the bot widget across your wordpress website.

We will work on this.


I agree, this would be an excellent way to have users open a specific gambit and accomplish a specific goal. Great to hear it will become a part of the plugin!!