That Time Tars Helped Raise a State's Digital Grade

I was perusing Linked In articles last night when I came across GovTech’s digital state rankings for 2018. Turns out Montana raised half a grade to a solid B. In the first paragraph they explain one of the major contributors to raising Montana’s grade to a B:

“But one of the most impressive additions made to Montana digital government services was in the Motor Vehicle Division. At a cost of just $12,000 per year, a team of 31 chatbots now handles customer service calls for the division. They were initially deployed in a soft launch in August 2017, and since then have been modified and improved, resulting in thousands fewer call.”

And that is only a small portion of the value that Tars has actually delivered in Montana. The list of people wanting to jump on board is growing, and with this on top of all the accolades already attached to the bot system (and soon branching off into the first-ever conversational website), who wouldn’t want to be apart of this automated conversation revolution?

Link to the full article here


Simply, Amazing.
Thanks Levi for making this happen :smiley:

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Awesome work Levi! Agree, what’s better than improving customer service and lowering time and costs with automated conversations! We’re seeing great results with our TARS projects as well and super excited to continue growing in this revolution :smile: