The Secret to an Effective Chatbot Marketing Strategy

We’ve spent the last few weeks taking a long hard look at what makes an effective chatbot.

One of the factors we came up with was approach.

Having worked in the chatbot space for some time now, we have found that many business owners and marketers jump onto the chatbot bandwagon hoping to create a hyper-intelligent sales and customer service agent within a matter of weeks. This approach to chatbots is unrealistic to say the least.

The state of AI today is such that unless you have the resources to hire an AI researcher who can build your chatbot for you, your chatbot will inevitably fail to understand and answer a good chunk of the queries that it receives. This is why when you try to have a conversation with most chatbots today, it doesn’t take long for it to give you a nonsensical answer.

We recommend that anyone interested in building a bot set a more manageable benchmark for their bot’s success. Don’t approach bot creation hoping to replace a human sales agent. Instead approach it hoping to replace your lead capture form. This simple change in mindset will inform the way you build your bot, your expectations and will generally be a more productive use of your time.

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This topic and the debate around this is something very fundamental to us here at TARS

One of the biggest challenges as Chatbot Makers is to manage customer expectation properly. Chatbot technology is nowhere near to replacing your Sales Agent or your Customer Support Agent, yet that’s what people expect from it to do. Atleast in the beginning. Until they realise the bitter truth first hand.

We at TARS have been very upfront about the capabilities of Chatbots built on our Platform and exactly what value it brings. The Article in this Topic talks about this exact thing. Do give it a read. Would love to hear your thoughts on the same.

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