Ticket Submission Bot

I’d like to offer up my new and improved submission bot for demoing. Similar to set ups like ZenDesk or others, this bot takes a user’s information and question, concern, incident, etc. and generates a reference code, submits all data to a database (in this case Google sheets), and sends an automated email response to the user’s email. This means you must use a valid email to experience the full demo. The bot will generate a custom email and send it to the email you provide with your reference code and a “magic link” to instantly check your status.

Some fun features:

  1. On each submission, a generic status and response line are automatically uploaded into the row with that users information; this means if they check their status immediately, they will still receive a status and response
  2. Reference codes uses randomly generated letters and numbers, so each submission will be unique without any repeat reference codes
  3. Automated emails include an instant status check URL
  4. The submission check part of the bot works with the instant URL or if the user access the bot directly, prompts the user to enter their reference code; if the user forgets/loses the reference code (and they fail to enter a reference code), the bot asks if they would like to search by their email.
  5. The last piece of the puzzle has been solved; users can now update their email address!

Feel free to drop me a line if you are looking for this type of feature in your bot and we can chat!


Hey Levi - couldn’t find a way to create a new ticket in the bot. Is there a different branch for that, which I missed out?

I don’t know the reference number here since I haven’t created a ticket before -


Oops! The link was wrong above haha! I fixed it. You will now start by submitting a ticket.

Works like a charm now. This is such an interesting bot/use-case and love how you have connected different capabilities to build a complete ticketing system over chatbot.

You have essentially created an alternative to something like a Zendesk where users can create a ticket and know the status of it. All through a chatbot :slight_smile:

Nice work with it!

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Btw for anyone else using this bot, do enter your real working email to see the magic happen.

You would essentially get an email with the tracking link and stuff.


And those of you who have tried it already, go check your status again. I would have updated it sooner, but I was driving. It is very simple to respond to a request, but I’m looking to take it one step further soon with an employee portal to the ticket bot where they can respond to inquiries through the bot. It updates the info in the database, and the user will see the updates instantly after if they check the status.

UPDATE: You can now change your email address after checking the status of your submission. The bot will update your email and send another automated email to the new address with your magic link and your same reference code! Because I have this functionality now, I will follow up with a user login demo!

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First time in community, wondering is this all hellotars or multiple applications together? If it’s all hellotars then would share how you did it or share the file? Thanks.

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This system uses API calls through Zapier (and automate.io), Google Sheets, and Sendgrid to accomplish this feature. All of those set ups are covered in the Tars Blog lab expirements. All I did was combine them (with a couple extra tricks thrown in).

I could work out a tutorial, but it will likely be a couple months before I’ll have the time. There are a couple tutorials I also have slated that I would like to make.

Thanks for checking it out!

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@pierre This is the discussion on adding URL parameters to a link through a ticket submission chatbot. I will have to update some connections on this bot as it hasn’t been used in over a year, but what I can do is shoot a video showing everything I have done with this chatbot and how it works. There are quite a few hidden gems and some great advanced features on display as well.