Tracking External Links clicked on from within the Chatbot



Hey everyone!

I recently setup the Google Analytics within my chatbot and the added tracking is great! However, there’s still one data point I’m not able to track.

My chatbot delivers product results to users via text links that open in new tabs. At this point, I can’t track those links (if a user clicks the link, it doesn’t get tracked by the Data within TARS or in Google Analytics.

Does anyone have ideas for how I could track this? This data would be really valuable to me if I could capture it.


Where does your text link send them? If you can send them back to a bot to finish some transaction, you can add a URL parameter (see here) to the link, and trigger it in your bot. You can see an example of how a bot uses URL parameters to become a ticket submission for a user to submit a question. This adds a randomly generated code unique to the customer themselves and emails them the “magic link” automatically once they submit. This can be the be used to automatically check the status of their submission whenever they want or use a referral code by going back to the original bot and entering their code (see here).

Long story short, depending on your approach, you could probably recreate this on a website, but that would be above my knowledge base when it comes to URL parameters and reading that on a webpage (nothing a little reading couldn’t remedy I’m sure).

Anyway, I think there are potential ways to come to a solution.


Hi @Garik,

As @Levi mentioned, there are multiple ways to do this.

You can infact track who clicked on that link, if you put those links as buttons in the Bot, instead of putting it in the Bot message bubbles.

When a user clicks on the button, (with send on tap enabled) it is recorded as a user response, and you can then see it in your data. You can then export that data in Excel/Google Sheet, and see how many people clicked on the button.

You can also set that gambit, with the buttons based external links, as Goal Gambits. and then see the corresponding Goal Completion Count and Conversion Rates in Data --> Analyze section. This is the very latest feature we have released.


Thanks guys! These are good ideas.

Ultimately I decided to use a service called Rocket Links that lets me track activity on my external links, most notably clicks. I went this route because I want the links right under the pictures, and buttons wouldn’t allow me to do this. Also cards have small images and I want the images bigger. So this solution worked well for me given those needs.