Turn off the notification asking if the user is sure they want to leave



I’m guessing this is a configuration built into the bots, which is great for most use cases, but it is providing a little hiccup with one of my bots. When transitioning from bot conversation to bot conversation on the conversational website, users will get prompted with the “are you sure you want to leave” because of the current bot conversation that has loaded. The problem is the user is not “leaving”, but simply jumping to the next conversation based off of the web element it is attached to. This breaks the experience for the user. Any way we can disable that? Or is this something that must be configured through the browsers at this time?


Yeah, this message can be avoided by simply adding an extra url param called _nav.

e.g… this message will come here:


But won’t come here:



Thanks! Easy implementation. Have it all fixed up on the website. In case others come to this post, I wanted to clarify one small addition to this. If you are launching your bot conversation from a specific gambit using ?_startgid=XX, you will add _nav with “&”. So the URL will be displayed as https://mvd.hellotars.com/conv/r1Qym2/?_startgid=8&_nav


Thanks for making that clear as well, Levi!