[Update] API Config Section

Hi Guys,

We have made an important update in how the API-Config Section works.
Basically going forward, any new API-Configuration in a Gambit won’t have any User Input in that gambit.

Check this Help-Doc which explains the new Update.

This will allow you to do a lot of powerful things in a Bot, which were difficult earlier OR not possible at all.
Making things like:

Signup and Login System
OTP based Verification
Order status check
API Error Handling
Multiple Consecutive API Calls (without Interruption)

NOTE: Don’t worry about your existing Bots that is using the API Config. Those will keep working as it is. You don’t have to make any changes to them. This new update is applicable only to any new API-Config section that you enable.


Very cool update. I’ve been reading up on APIs as much as possible. I’m pretty sure I just need to find person for my team that is skilled with APIs and be done with it. API is just beyond me for now, but I love the possibilities it brings. Unfortunately, I will need someone else to make them a reality :sob:


Thanks @Levi,

I agree. API Config is the one of the most powerful feature in the TARS Bots.
If used properly, it can replace a bunch of tasks that is currently been done over apps.