URL String to Fill-in hidden form.

My goal. To only use a single bot for all my agents.
I did this with Cognitoforms.com with a URL string built into a short link. That string would fill in hidden fields with the name, email and phone of the agent, so I knew who the client belonged too and could automate contact with agent and client.

I see there is an Option Value in the multiple bubble input. I am not seeing any other way to add a hidden field on a gambit.
Can I use a URL to add data to those bubbles, use that data to then fill in a merge in the “bot message” for personalization and automatically move to the next gambit in the flow with no interaction from the user?

Feature Request. Hidden Fields! :slight_smile:

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I think there are ways to do this currently… I need a little more context on the particular use though. Reach out on Intercom when you have some free time next week, and we can discuss in more detail @MRG.NYC

You know, I recall getting a link to add information for SEO purposes but I don’t think I found a way to make a URL string that would automatically add data to multiple hidden fields. This is needed for affiliates. People do not remember to use codes. I would rather allow my users to have a personal link to my bot and know who sent them + be able to pay them for the referral.


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You could use URL parameter to accomplish this. Basically, you will need to make an API call somewhere near the beginning of the interaction.

I have used google sheets to accomplish this (you could use Airtable as well). Basically, you add the unique code for each affiliate as a URL parameter to the bot link.

It will check for a URL parameter {{urlp.Nameofparameter}} against the Google sheet for a match and pull all data in that is associated with that file. But I’m not sure this is exactly what you want to accomplish?

You can assign automatically generated codes using a random alphanumeric ID that is unique to each bot interaction, so your referees can sign up for their affiliate link through a chatbot using this parameter:

{{usys.tempDocid}} will give the unique ID of the current conversation that is happening with the user. This ID is randomly and auto-generate for a given ongoing conversation and will change on a page refresh on the chatbot. This can be used when you want to identify a submission on a chatbot.

This is the same trick I used to build the ticket submission bot.

At the very least, you would be able to identify when a chatbot interaction came from an affiliate, but I think more work needs to be done to make this a seamless process.

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Hi Levi,
Thanks for taking the time to create that option. Although, I feel having to make an API call is overkill. The codes are already made in Google Sheet Workbook. This is part of an automation once the form is complete. It’s really a way to input that data from a link that eventually is added to my sheets for tracking. It also allows me to use one bot for all members and yet can still seem personal to the user. The hidden fields will not just be for codes but also personalizations.
I use a short link to make the full string. This is what I used on my previous forms a few years ago. https://www.cognitoforms.com/support/65/data-integration/prefilling-a-form
I was hoping to be able to build something similar. It’s fast, easy to fix and update for users at all technical levels.


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