User authentication using a bot?

Hey @vinit,
Is there a way for a bot to authenticate a user before it starts to interact with the user?
Everyone is invited to chime in.

Hey @sponge2,

This is possible, but with a catch. You can use the API Integration feature to make an API call to authenticate the user using some login and password and if the authentication passes, in the response you can show the user the content.

But currently you cannot jump to specific gambit based on the API response or some other criteria. Which i think is what you want. For this we will releasing a new feature called Conditional Jump Which will allow you to compare the API/User response on a gambit, and set the rules to jump to one gambit or another.

Once that is released you will be able to fully and securely authenticate a user and give them access to specific parts of the ChatBot.

We had a discussion with @Christer on this topic here: Branching based on combination of inputs