Utilize voice recording?

I just thought that it would be cool to tap into cell phone and computer microphones and allow respondents to leave a voice message instead of typing messages out. Thoughts @vinit?


That’s a good idea. I can see it as an input UI, similar to image upload / Take a Photo.


I was thinking about this more this last week. I thought how cool it would be to give users an option to read the text or have the bot “talk” to them by embedding sound in the conversation flow. Of course, you would have to record someone speaking all the text, but that could be pretty easy in a small bot. This got me thinking that using a voice command feature we could essentially create our own Siris/Alexias in our chat bots… How cool would that be!? Also, for those looking to create lead/gen bots for their specific business (like a real estate agent), you could “talk” directly to your prospects using your bot… Awesomeness!


This would be agreat feature to have! I would like to use it in an interview chatbot where the candidates would have to respond to a question and send their vocal reply to the company.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for the amazing input on this.
We have got some amazing feedback on the Speaking ChatBots Feature that we released. and after seeing the excitment around this, we are pumped to develop this further.

Things like:

  1. Ability to record your own voice, corresponding to the text in bot messages.
  2. Ability for users to interact with the Bot using voice alone.

2nd point is lot more trickier to implement, than Speech Synthesis or Recorded Voice replay. But it can be quite interesting feature.

Thanks again for your ideas guys :smile:


Hi @vinit,

Thats great to hear ! I’m just posting here to stay in the loop of the conversation because I think this could be a huge improvement !

Building on point B, maybe it could be interesting to look at bot users registering their voice note which would then be transfered to the bot admin using the email conversation recap that is currently in place. I think that @Levi’s message hinted a bit in that direction and I think that the learning curve here could be a good opportunity to start kicking into that area of bot interaction.


Your are definitely on to something with that idea. Recorded answers to interview questions could be huge for businesses recruiting. Also, Imagine a bot that grabs voice responses from political candidates prompted by questions from the bot (or other such interviews that may occur regularly). @Kevin this makes me think about using voice recognition/voice identity as a means to “sign” for a document or service. For example, what if you required the user to record their voice as part of a user profile. Then whenever they authorize something using the bot, they would speak their name. A administrator could verify the voice print or maybe utilize some technology that compares the voice print automatically. How cool would that be to build a voice signature bot for signing legal documents or major purchases to verify a person’s identity?

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A great 2018 to the TARSteam and all TARSers here!

Wondering if there are any new developments on the voice recording feature…

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Thanks @dan You too, a great year to look forward to.


Yes, few new stuff coming this month. Voice recording probably in the next month.