UX issue with Photo gambit

Hi everyone,
I think there is an UX issue with the Photo/File upload gambit.

Please see the attached the first photo is the initial screen where the user is asked to take an action. The user clicks either Upload a File or Take a Photo. (Step 1 and 2 )

Second photo shows the screen after the user has uploaded a file or took a photo.

In my opinion once the user took one of the actions the next step should be underneath the Upload a File / Take a Photo buttons.

Currently in order to upload the photo the user needs to go one “level” up and click the Paperplane(Step 3)

This was my first time using the photo upload gambit and while testing I took me a while that I had the click the arrow in the previous step.

So my suggestion is once the file/photo is uploaded
Animate the paperplane so the user realises that he needs to click on it
Show a “complete the upload” button underneath Upload a File Take Photo buttons

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Thanks for the suggestion @kaan!

I like the idea of animating elements to draw attention to them when it is used as a confirmation of a submission.

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Thank you @Levi.

I’m not sure if it was clear from initial post but I think there is an issue with the follow. Once the user takes the photo or Upload the files they will expect the next action to be underneath Upload a File / Take a photo buttons not above them. (At least this was the case with me)


Definitely, it’s something we will certainly consider. We are always looking for ways to improve the UX and UI both on the front and back end of the platform. Thank you for the feedback!