Video input by the user?

Would there be a possibility of bringing up the feature of video input by the user? Or if there is any zap available to incorporate a functionality like such?

I’m curious as to what the use case would be for this?

We are trying to develop an app (interactive chatbot) for an insurance company where the user would have to capture/record a 360 degree video of the car and upload, while buying car insurance.


The video input can be accepted as a file – the upper limit being 5 MBs. I am wondering if that is possible in real time.

That’s an interesting use-case @KANIKA

I think this feature can be added in the Image/File input type itself, without any external dependency.
I have added this in the feature to be added, will let you know of an update about this.

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Alright! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Another issue I am facing is-
I am using a zap - to store the user input data to a Goggle sheet ( ). Whenever I am accepting a file or a video input - my file name (the user upload) appears in the google sheet instead of the Tars drive link which appears in my mailbox (Informing me that Someone Filled). Is there a way out?

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Yeah, this is iissue.

For now you can get the URL by replacing {{ursp.gid_name}} to {{uval.gid_name[0].file_url}} in the Data fields of the API-Section.

where gid_name is the name of the gambit on which you are collecting the Image/file from the user.


Thanks a lot! Its working well! :slight_smile:

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