Webview in Tars

I would like to suggest having the webview option for the url’s that are mobile friendly, in the same manner one can get in Messenger.


Hey @dan, That’s an interesting Idea. We are already in the web browser, so i never thought about having a webview like modal, similar to how fb messenger does it.

I think what you meant is something like an iframe being opened in a modal within the Chat, so that the user can view the contents of the page while still staying in the chat. This might help in keeping the user focused on th conversation while giving him more information from an external page.

Yes @vinit , this is the benefit i am looking for. Keeping the user captive is big (ask facebook ;). )

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Maybe this webview could also be embedded as a script on a website, so that you could brand the ‘webview’ with your sites own content? Also handy for those who anticipate their customers/clients completely miss or instantly close the chatbot icon on the bottom-right! (yes, those people do exist!)

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I have spoke with Ish about this exact thing. It would definitely open up a lot of possibilities to integrate bots fully into the website experience. I would argue that it’s crucial for big business/institution webpages to have this feature.

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Is this feature coming out?

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Hey @Starkiss,

We have not seen others asking for this feature, other than people on this topic.
Current expectation is that a link on the bot will open the link in a new tab, and now in an iFrame or a webview within the conversation. Can you tell me the use-case you have in mind for this, and maybe I can suggest a better way to achieve this with the current system.