What are your ideas?

One of my favorite things about this community is sharing ideas and “experimenting” with different features, ideas, and building (quite literally) the future of conversational experiences.

I wanted to open this post up to everyone in our community to reignite that idea.

What is the craziest chatbot idea you have right now?

Guidelines to this discussion:

Feel free to conceptualize features that don’t yet exist on the Tars platform (nothing is off limits).
Find and convey the value in your crazy chatbot idea.
Have fun!

I’ll start. I want to see chatbots in virtual reality (and I’m not just talking video games). Chatbots can occupy an important space in a HUD (Heads Up Display) as a personal assistant to handle a variety of tasks by the user. This chatbot will be a hybrid offering text and voice assisted features.

Here’s a specific application I can see tremendous value. The VR experience allows medical residents to practice for surgeries and other medical procedures. The chatbot acts as a guide and resource for the resident to quickly send queries when unsure about what to do. The chabot will act as a virtual nurse that processes commands given by the resident and in turn causes actions to trigger by NPCs in the operating room (like saying “scalpel” and the nurse presents the instrument you requested).

Residents would have the ability to query conditions they are visualizing during the operation to present possible solutions (like a patient has an unforeseen complication). The user can explain the issue and the chatbot would deliver possible causes and remedies in real-time. Eventually, this could be use to assist doctors in real surgeries to help analyze and offer resources and guidance through surgeries.

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Love this thread! :heart_eyes:
This is one I have posted about before but now closer to completion of my bot, I am seeing what I really want.
Branding flow.
Since bots cannot talk to each other or pass data right now, all of my bots are now in one big flow. All of them have a look, feel, colors, and a voice. I would love to be able to change all of that within a flow.
Being able to use more of the background to embed video instruction, change full branding (fonts too!) or gifs that match a question…
Use of CSS drop-ins to create interactivity would also be fun.
Of course, those changes happening based on the device used.

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