What is the meta on this bot business

What is the value that bots bring. What is the appetite for our humans prospects to use bots. When a user knows that they are dealing with a bot, are they more or less inclined to respond.

I’m hoping to see KPI statistics or case studies from the community members about using bots and specifically Tars.

Lastly, what overall performance metrics can the bot platform (e.g. Tars) demonstrate that we can learn from?

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We are in week three of our bot system release, which spans around a 400+ gambit system. We have seen approximately 6000 hits on the bot, and most hits went on to utilize the system in some way. We identify our bot upfront with an image of a cartoon ish robot. He then tells the user his name is Ben (Bot Enhanced Navigation). I’ve only received a handful of remarks that dislike the “bot” approach and want to speak with a live person. In this day and age of Siri and Alexia, people are more comfortable with bots then ever.
I think TARS’ partial data reports are a great way to track user interaction with your bot system. When we first launched, I spent the entire week tracking users through the system, and adjusting based on the paths that they were taking and also their comments about improvements. I was literally updating the system for users within minutes to better meet their needs (with small changes). Other major changes would take a hour or two to build, test, and revise. Regardless, you can’t beat that kind of feedback to response time in anything out there that I know of.