What's happened to the CSV data export?

It’s full of garbage now. it seems like if somebody entered some data that doesn’t validate, instead of dropping it, you put it in the field separated by ||. So if I have an email collection gambit, the CSV cell will have:

“what if i don’t want to give email? || someemail@gmail.com

instead of simply:


This creates an extra hassle and headache to process the CSV. I don’t want this garbage data in my validated fields and I can’t imagine the majority of other users do either.

Furthermore, where is the check box to include or exclude partial data? I want a CSV that is properly validated the way the bot was designed and only includes complete data. Partial data optionally is fine and would be a good feature. Forcing users to take partial and full data together is awful. It’s true you can sort it, but it’s just an unnecessary extra step. You are supposed to be making people’s jobs easier not harder.

It seems like you guys aren’t very good at “common sense”. This is CSV in its current format makes my job 10 times harder.


Thanks for your input.

I think it makes sense to not include the invalidated data in the default data export.
I think in the new system, where you can export all the data at one place, giving an extra option in the dashboard to download only full or only partial data also makes sense.

As we go forward in improving the user interaction, we will consider these feature updates.

Now coming to the derogatory and disrespectful language and the choice of words that you are using in this community to communicate your thoughts. I do not appreicate it.

Please consider this as the final warning from our end. If you use this language towards any company staff or a community member, I will remove you from this community and would be more than happy to deactivate your TARS account and refund your last subscription amount and make sure that you do not use our services in any shape or form.


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