Widget's ping sound

Hello guys,

I would like to silence widget’s ping sound, Do you know how to do it ?

Thank you in advance,



+1 to this for me - would also like to know how to turn this off

Hi @pgotor,

let us see if we can make this option configurable.
Again, the issue is that it’s just too many options for a normal user to choose.
and changing these haphazardly affects the Bot conversion rate dramatically.

So that’s the issue. It’s mostly a design decision that’s the pain, not the implementation effort.

Hi @vinit,

Yes, i’m agree with you, this affects the conversion rate. But it’s a “little bit annoying” when we show the widget in all the pages.

Thank you very much, i’ll be waiting for your answer,



So really the problem at hand is a cookie issue. If the bot picked up the user on initial load and “pinged” them, then it could disabled the ping sound while they navigated the website for the next 24 hours or something. I think this was the initial intent, but we haven’t got there quite yet, or something is having issues maybe?

Thanks @Levi,
I think about one recurring user. He knows perfectly our chatbot and he listen that sound one time per page browsed. It’s hard. Perhaps it could be listened for the first page seen and then disabled just for the user’s session.
For a new user, it could be the same problem if he doesn’t want to use it.

Yeah, maybe setting the disable for 30 days might be more appropriate.